Jenny Morel

Wedding planner

Who are you?

I am Jenny Morel, the wedding planner of Jenny Morel Weddings agency!

What is professional course?

After taking courses in Miami, I went back to France to move a step closer to my dream and passion : weddings. After those months of learning in Paris, and inspiration that USA gave me, I was ready to open my own agency in Cap Ferret, on the Arcachon Bay, south west of France.

Why weddings ?

If I am saying, for smiles I can see on my bride & groom face is that cliché ?! But that’s reality… 
Seriously, because I am a real girl passionate about all this univers, Love, flowers, decoration, romantism … 
How to be happiest than working with passion ? And who make is job better than a passionate?

Why would you advice to take a wedding planner?

For me, hire a wedding planner is essential if we miss time, ideas, contacts or if we want to enjoy the D-day 100% and not being stressfull. Moreover, I am inspired by american’s wedding planners’ mind. For me, the wedding planner is a confidante, consultant, here for any kind of problems. Moreover, we often forget than wedding planning is a real job, and like any job there is a know-how. Especially in weddings where no details can be forgotten. The wedding planner has all this experience that makes you feel relax on Your day!

The little thing that makes you different?

I live in Cap Ferret since I am 5 years old. I know all the places that have to be seen for a wedding ! I have a big address & contacts book that helps me to do a lot of different things.

What is your way of working?

During my first meet with futur bride & groom, we are trying together to understand the style they want. Then, if this first meet has been positive, we can start working on the wedding. We see the big lines, what bride and grooms need, what they are dreaming of, what they don’t like and the estimate global budget.
Then I am making a « book », a big recap of what has been seen and told during the meetings. In this book, I am suggesting few vendors that could matches with what they are looking for. I often update this book so futur bride & groom validate it. During the months of work, we will refine their request, their budget, the details, and the payment schedule. I am creating the D-day planning that goes into details the more we go closer to the d-day. Bride & grooms’ confirm the planning when everything is fine, and I send it to each vendors right before the wedding day, so everybody knows what will happen on this special day ! For me it is very important to work with people with whom there is a feeling. I am planning appointments between bride & groom / vendors / wedding planner in order to make the relationship easier on the d-day. If feeling is not here with the photographer how would you be relax on the pictures ?! I love working with people as rigorous as I am. I have a special requirement concerning my vendors. For me details are not just details, they are essentials.

Do you have any advice for futur bride and groom?

Do not fear to delegate, if you hire a wedding planner, she is here to take care of everything, trust in her ! Then, of course, enjoy the d-day because it goes so fast … !

Your inspirations?

As I said, I love United-states, their know-how concerning weddings is amazing. I have a big crush on secular ceremonies especially on the beach, and this comes from USA. Here on the Bassin d’Arcachon we are lucky to have those pretty beaches where a wedding ceremony could be celebrated. So my inspiration comes from american weddings blogs, as « Style me pretty » or american weddings magazines as « Bride ». However here in France, we have this special thing called « french touch » !!! That is why I am also looking at french blogs. However if we are creative, everything is inspiring, driftwood found on the beach that could be used as decoration …